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No, it's not an alien language and it's not a secret code. It's the Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Redemption, the Great Plan of Happiness! It's Eternity. And there you are, playing your amazing role in Act II of this three-act play. Be bold! Be awesome! And then use your shirt to explain why you do it.

2 Years and 3000 Likes


This is the place where we'll talk about updates about our business, our products and our experiences sharing this idea with all of you. 


2 Years and 3000 Likes

LDS Happiness

We'd like to acknowledge our wonderful customers and supporters these past two years. Today we reached 3000 likes on Facebook, where we are able to share messages of happiness everyday with the world. Nearly every post we make comes with the hashtag #HappinessFor....making it easy to find our posts as they pertain to your interest.

Here are some, for example: HappinessForFamiliesHappinessForEveryone, HappinessForGrownUps, HappinessForYouth, and HappinessForChildren. We also have a few under HappinessForSeminaryandTeaching and HappinessForMissionaries for you teachers and missionaries out there. To find happiness around you we use HappinessInTheWorld. Finally, for those things that are just meant to make you smile, we have RandomGoodness. We hope as others find things that make them happy, they will also share under the #HappinessFor... tag to help spread smiles all around

We also have a Pinterest page where all our boards have corresponding titles to the tags above, plus a few more! To date, we have over 650 followers on Pinterest, and we'd love to have you join us there too. Daily we'll pin something there that's sure to help add to your happiness bucket. 

Once again, thanks for sharing this journey with us. When we started we only had one idea and one design - and only three colors. Now, we're proud to announce we have four designs , over a dozen colors to choose from with additional options like 'choose your own language' and child to plus sizes. Thank you for letting us share our little bit of happiness with you.